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Business Administration

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Career Overview

Business administrators are essential for any field because every job needs capable administrators that can take charge and run operations smoothly. From business administration, individuals can then branch off to many other fields such as finance or marketing. Generally, business administrators plan, organize, and implement a variety of different operations that occur on a daily basis in any business. Some of the key daily duties of business administrators include monitoring and directing the company's financial activities, managing the production process, examine financial statements, sales reports, and other forms of performance markers, and lastly make sure all operations are being run as efficiently as possible.

Salaries and Job Outlook*

2013 Median Annual Pay
Number of Jobs in 2013
Projected Growth Rate
10.1 %
New York

Education and Training

Degrees Required:
Bachelor's Degree in Business or related field M.B.A.

Minimum associates degree in business is required. However, a bachelor's degree in business vastly increases employment opportunities. Receiving a Master in Business Administration or MBA degree will also be highly beneficial because it shows you are committed enough to further your knowledge and are aiming for a high management position job. An MBA generally will take 2 years. There can be additional certificates that individuals can add to enter certain particular fields. For example, high executives can complete a program to become a Certified Manager (CM) through the Institute of Certified Professional Managers.

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Valued Traits & Abilities

Detail Oriented
Analytical Skills
Decision-Making Skills
Quantitative Abilities

Career Opportunities

Business administration is a very broadly encompassing field that trains individuals to become leaders in a variety of different occupations, including some of these highlighted below.

Business Administration with Finance Concentration

Business admins with a finance concentration often are the leaders in the business industry and they must manage how the business should be run and ways to maximize profits. Business admins with a finance concentration can turn to corporate finance and make key decisions on how to make profitable investments, while minimizing the costs. To do this they must analyze the financial markets and observe key trends that are occurring, as well as determining the potential risks involved. Understanding the fundamentals of economics and, in general, business environments isessential to business admin with finance concentration individuals.

Criminal Justice Administration

Criminal justice administrators can enter a variety of different careers spanning from leading in investigations to security and correctional supervision. Business administrators have knowledge of the various laws present, while having the skills needed for organizational administration and the financial dealings within the criminal justice system. Criminal justice administrators take charge and maintain social order.

Business Administration with Global Management Concentration

Business admins with global management concentration will oversee operations and transactions of multinational organizations. Global business managers have very substantial responsibilities because they must be aware of multiple different counties government policies and markets. Also, as a management position they must be make sure all processes are being done as efficiently as possible and there is no waste in any part.

Work Environment

Most business admins will work in professional office settings. They may have to travel for meetings and negotiations. Many business admins might work longer hours depending on certain tasks that need to be complete. They also might face deadlines so might need to prioritize.

* Source: BLS Data - 2013