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Career Overview

A cashier is the person in a store who transacts the actual sale of a product. When a customer wants to buy something, they bring it to the cashier, who takes the customer's payment, gives them change if necessary, and then gives them a receipt for what they just purchased.In a typical day as a cashier, you'll need to be friendly and greet customers, process returns and exchanges of merchandise, answer customer questions about store policies and the products you sell, and count up how much money is in your register at the start and end of your shift. If you work in a store that sells age-restricted material, like a liquor store or gun shop, you'll also have to check customer identification to ensure the store won't be breaking any laws by selling them the merchandise.Working as a cashier is a good way to get your foot in the door and gain experience you'll need to land a position that has more responsibilities, like a manger or customer service specialist.Technology is limiting the growth of this career, since more and more stores are installing self-service checkout stands and online sales are so common. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistic, employment of cashiers is projected to grow at 3% from through 2022 - which is slower than the 14% average.

Salaries and Job Outlook*

2013 Median Annual Pay
Number of Jobs in 2013
Projected Growth Rate
-0.8 %

Education and Training

Degrees Required:
High School Diploma or equivalent

Once you are hired as a cashier, you'll probably get training to learn about the store's policies, procedures, and to practice using the cash register. This training could be provided by another coworker, a manager, or by an instructor in a formal classroom setting. It all just depends on the size of the store.

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Valued Traits & Abilities

Communication Skills
Sales Skills

Work Environment

Most cashiers work indoors, usually in retail stores like supermarkets, department stores, and restaurants. You'll probably work on your feet most of the day, and will interact a lot with customers.

* Source: BLS Data - 2013